Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cheese-Filled Turkey Burgers with Sun-Dried Tomato Onion Compote

I have this thing for cheese-filled burgers, and I like to top them with sauteed onions or mushrooms. Sometimes I cook the onions down in wine, sometimes in BBQ sauce, or even in Chili sauce, depending on the type of burger/theme of the meal...
This time, I decided to make spiced turkey burgers with an herby cheese filling, and topped it off with an onion and sun-dried tomato compote that complimented the meat very well.

Cheese-Filled Turkey Burgers
- Ground Turkey
- French Onion spreadable cheese
- Seasoning (smoke paprika, lemon pepper, salt)
- 5 leaves Fresh Sage, minced
- Herbs (tarragon, dill)

Season the meat with the paprika, lemon pepper, salt and half of the fresh sage, mixing with your hands until well combined. Form into patties, twice as many as the amount of burgers you want to make. Mix 2 to 3 wedges of spreadable cheese with tarragon, dill, and the rest of your sage, and then put a small spoonful on the middle of half of your burgers. Top each cheese-topped burger with another burger, pinch the edges shut, and form into a ball. Throw them on the grill and serve topped with the onion compote.

Sun-Dried Tomato Onion Compote

- 1 Vidalia Onion, sliced thin
- 1/2 package of Sun-Dried Tomatoes, julienned
- White Wine
- Sherry
- Spices (onion powder, thyme, pepper, mustard powder)

Soak the Sun-Dried Tomatos in White Wine for 20 minutes. In a frying pan, saute onions until translucent, then season with onion powder and salt. Add in the Sun-Dried Tomatos and season with pepper. Then add between 1/2 to 3/4 c of cooking Sherry, season with ground thyme and a couple dashes of mustard powder, and simmer until most of the liquid is dissolved.

I served these burgers with Garlic Spinach and Roasted Eggplant and Parsnip Fries, and a couple bottles of wine, of course...

It Was Awesome...

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