Friday, August 5, 2011

Journey to Juicy Tomatoes

Well, we got up at 3 am on Thursday, took off at 6:50 am, flew for 13 hours, and arrived at 5 am THURSDAY morning. But don't get me wrong, gaining a day didn't exactly make me feel spry. 16 of 36 hours in one position is an excruciating experience of a mild, but itchy claustrophobia, sporadic charlie horses, and the spinning sensation of sleep deprivation.And the food wasn't any better... (witness puddle of eggs + prepack 'sandwich' w/ 1 slice ham. 1
slice cheese)
Thanks to the garden babysitting skills of my buddy Paulington, though, I had a bunch of fresh tomatoes waiting at home for me, and sliced them with some sweet onion and basil and topped them with Balsamic Pepper Sauce, for a nice, fresh pick me up.
Mom got some corn and cooked up steaks for a nice, rounded out meal to help us recover strong.Garden Tomatoes with Basil

2 to 3 Vine Tomatoes, sliced
1/2 medium Sweet Onion, sliced thin
Fresh Basil, chopped
Roland Basalmic Pepper Sauce

Layer tomatoes and onions and top with chopper basil. Dress with pepper sauce or Balsalmic Vinegar and ground pepper.

Serve cold. Keeps for 1 day.

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