Wednesday, August 10, 2011

BBQ "Beef" Salad Wraps with Horseradish

Where's the beef? Not here.
One of the nice things about being home is enjoying the wide variety of meat substitutes available, and the other day I picked up a pack of Trader Joe's Beef-Less, which I hadn't had before. They were pretty good texture-wise, with a mild beefy flavor, but of course I jazzed them up a little with my own seasonings, because that's how I roll. Another thing I've found with meat substitutes is that their portion sizes are out of wack; I don't know who they think they're feeding, but there are definitely not 3 servings in that box... I'm a hungry dude. Anyway, there were some leftovers, and I saved them for lunch, since I had work the next day.
At first I thought salad, and then I thought BORING. I wanted everything a salad has; the veggies, the "beef", the dressing, but the delivery just seemed too ordinary. And then it hit me; WRAP it up! YES! I have a friend who makes wraps with kale leaves, which I've never tried before, but since I was working today in a garden with tons of Dinosaur Kale plants, and therefore plenty of fresh kale leaves, I had to give it a go.
I mixed my beef strips with a spoonful of BBQ sauce for kicks, put it on a pile of shredded carrots, topped it with some roasted red onion slices and then drizzled some horseradish sauce on top to seal the deal before rolling it all up. (I recommend steaming it briefly in the microwave to soften the leaves up a bit for easy rolling.)
All in all, it was tasty and I will be using this concept again. It was everything I wanted from a salad, just in a different shape, and so, more fun! PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD!

- Trader Joe's Beef-Less Strips (or other fake meat)
- spoonful BBQ sauce
- 1 carrot, shredded
- roasted red onion, sliced thin
- horseradish sauce (horseradish and mayo)
- 2 leaves of Kale

Mix fake beef with BBQ sauce, shred carrot. Microwave kale in a wet paper towel for less than 30 seconds, to soften it for wrapping. On each leaf, pile shredded carrots, then BBQed "beef", then sliced onions, and dribble it with some horseradish sauce. Fold the sides of the leaf in, to keep all the deliciousness safely inside as you roll it all into two wraps. Serve with chips and enjoy.

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