Monday, August 22, 2011

Maine in a Bowl

What says Maine more than Blueberries?
And so, as any mom anywhere (even in Maine) would say, it wouldn't be right to have dessert before dinner...
Although, like every time, it feels like I left a little of my soul behind in Maine, I brought something home with me too; fresh-picked Maine corn and fresh-caught Maine lobster! We got the lobster from a friend of the family, a lobsterman, who keeps his boat on the dock next door, and the corn came from a local farm that grows Sugar and Butter corn - a sweeter, more robustly-flavored variety that eclipses its tasteless Silver Queen cousin that is so common down here.Lobster, Corn, Green Beans... it was nice to have a little bit of Maine left at the end of a long and depressing drive home, and to top it all off, we had a quart of fresh-picked Maine blueberries that my aunt had sent me home with.
And what could go better with blueberries (or anything for that matter), or be more MAINE, than Maple Syrup? Add some gingersnaps from the country store and vanilla ice cream, and you have a fresh, crunchy, sweet and simply delicious farewell helping of Maine in a Bowl!

Maine in a Bowl
- fresh Blueberries
- 100% pure Maple Syrup
- Ginger Snaps, crushed
- Vanilla Ice CreamIn a small saucepan combine berries and maple syrup at about a 3 to 1 ratio (1 c berries, 1/3 c syrup). Bring to a quick boil and then reduce to simmer just until berries are softened but not bursting. Scoop ice cream into a bowl, top with crushed ginger snaps and a handful of fresh berries, and then top with spoonfuls of blueberry-maple compote.

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