Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ecuador 9

Comida de la Calle parte dos.

As I've said, I love the Panaderias (bakeries) here. Ecuador is a fresh bread eating culture, and the Panaderia al lado de CEDEI (where I'm studying) is not something to resist. Here is a typical Pan de Dulce that comes topped with sugar and filled with a sweet and tangy cheese. Best eaten warm.

Here is another deliciouse thing which is... actually i'm not sure, but it was chocolate. Think sugar stuck together with condensed milk, like the consistency of cookie dough, topped with frosting... Yeah.

Yesterday for lunch, I went on a solo mission in the centro and ate ate a small restaurant called El Toque CosteƱo (the touch of the coast) which specializes in seafood and dishes typical to the coast. Here is a DELICIOUS bowl of Sopa Marinera which was a rich seafood broth with hints of peanut that was literally overflowing with crab, shellfish of 3 types (in shell), fish, octopus AND squid. Top that with pickled onions and peppers, plantain chips and lime, and... DAMN! good eatin'

And speaking of good eating: we went to Gualaceo today, a pueblo known for its gastronomia. A reputation well deserved. Here is an awesome little plate of the local specialty Hornado, which is a whole pig roasted for hours. They torch the skin to make Cascara which is like the crunchiest, tastiest potato chip you've ever had, and this and the juicy meat come served over Mote along with Llapingachos which are small patties of mashed potato and cheese and then fried.

As if that wasn't enough, I also enjoyed some other local specialties like Tortillas de Choclo. Tortillas here are more like pancakes and are slightly sweet thanks to the corn and cheese.

Another specialty in Gualaceo are Quesadillas, which like tortillas, are something completely different in Ecuador. Think a small mound of sweet cornbread in a pastry-like envelope.

And, finally, fried dough balls topped with sugar, because...well, because.

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