Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Yellow Curry

Earlier this year, I was on a quest for Yellow Curry paste. A mission. An unforgiving journey.
Red Curry. Green Curry. Even Roasted Red Curry... but no yellow!
It became an obsession, a mania. I near gave up.
But leave it to Santa Clause to deliver where the city supermarkets cannot!
In my stocking this year, low and behold, YELLOW CURRY PASTE!!!!!!!!!!!There is a god! Or a Santa Clause...well an internet at least!
This stuff is amazing, and straight from Thailand, it should be! It needs absolutly nothing. No other spices or sauces - nothing! Just saute a spoonful of the paste, stir in some coconut milk to make a sauce, add in chicken, tofu, vegetables mushrooms, or whatever the hell your currying, pour over rice, serve with onion chutney or mango chutney, and thank god, santa, Thailand, your dad, or someone for the miracles of the world wide web!

Yellow Curry Chicken

- 1 chicken breast, sliced thin
- 1 tbsp Yellow Curry Paste
- 1/2 c coconut milk
- handful raisins
- steamed broccoli
- jasmine rice

Saute curry paste. Pour in coconut milk and throw in the raisins. Next add the chicken, and when nearly cooked through, add in the broccoli and cook till hot. Serve over rice with onion and mango chutneys on the side.

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