Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ecuador 12 (Because Mami is Awesome)

Because Mamita is awesome she cooked me my favorite foods for my last home-cooked meal in Ecuador.

There was Locro de Papas con Nabo (creamy potato soup with a spinach-like green)

Conchas con Encebollado Y Limon (Ecuadorian Black Clams with Onion, Tomato and Lemon), Patacones (thick-cut, double-fried green plantains), y Arroz con Pulpo y Camaron (Rice with Octopus and Shrimp)

Gracias Mami!
And lastly, for my last day's morning snack, I made sure to treat myself and my brother and sister to an Ecuadorian favorite, Yogur y Pan de Yuca. There's little stores all over Cuenca that sell fresh yogurt, blended with yor choice of fresh fruit and served ice cold alongside two warm pieces of cheesey yucca bread. Banana and Mango were my favorite.

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