Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ecuador 4

So nice out today. Weather in Cuenca is tricky, and the trick is to dress in layers. It is said that in the mountains there are 4 seasons in one day. It's usually cold in the morning - sometimes you can see your breath - but warms up durring the day. Sunny days might be disrupted by spats of rain or wind, but it keeps things interesting.
But today is a really nice day, warm in the sunny spots, with a cool breeze keeping things fresh.
Yesterday was nice too, and walking home from a ceramics class, I passed the Corpus Cristi stands and had a hard time resisting the temptation. And by a hard time I mean I didn't resist at all...
Picked up these two beauties- a phyllo dough cone filled with pastry cream and another one of those solid macaroons, this one with cinnamon - for the outrageous price of 50 cents!

Last night my mom made me Pollo con Menestra y Arroz - which is, as it sounds, chicken with rice and menestra. Menestra is some variant of bean stew and you mix everything up on your plate and dig in.
But I forgot to take a picture, so here's one instead of some graffiti (i've taken to documenting the coolest  grafitti i find around the city)

(Not Submissive, Not Devoted, WOMAN, Beautiful, Free and Crazy!)

However, I did not forget to take a picture of today's lunch which was Seco de Pollo con Arroz, Ensalada y Platanos: Stewed Chicken with Rice (of course), Salad, and Plantains.
Like many things here in Ecuador, including hot chocolate, you eat the plantains with chunks of Queso Fresco for maximum deliciousness.

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