Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ecuador 2

Here are some pictures from a lunch that my host mom cooked for me on special request. She is a great cook and has made my happiness and fattening-up her primary concern.
This is a traditional Ecuadorian preparation for anything from fish to chicken, called al Ajillo which is a creamy, herby garlic sauce. You top everything here in Ecuador with the house version of the national hot sauce condiment called Aji.
My mom began the meal with a bowl of lentil soup. As with most soups, it was imperative to add in chunks of Queso Fresco and Avacado to enjoy it to its fullest.

The soup was followed by a delicious plate of rice seasoned with achote oil, camarrones (shrimp) al ajillo, and a salad called Encebolado (litarally 'onioned') which in this version was tomatos, avacado, and peppers mixed with onion, lime juice and salt.

It was so good, I had it again for dinner, in true Cuencano fashion.

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