Sunday, January 1, 2012

Turkey Shtew

The secret to this SHTEW is Sherry, and plenty of it. It adds a nice, sweet depth to the dish and rounds out the flavors of thyme and pepper and turkey, for a nice, hearty meal.
The other secret is to make this using your own broth, made from boiling the XMAS or Thanksigiving turkey carcus for a few hours and then discarding the bones. Let the broth chill, then skim off the fat, and reheat when ready to use.
Thicken or jazz-up this SHTEW with whatever leftovers youhave on hand, from potatoes to stuffing to roasted veggies...whatever.
Oh, and enjoy with healthy dollops of cranberry sauce!
- Turkey/Chicken Broth
-1 c Sherry
- Roasted Turkey Meat
- Green Peas
- Carrots
- Pearl Onions
- Black Pepper, Ground Thyme, Salt
- Curry Powder (just a dash or two)
- Rice or Stuffing
Reheat broth, add Sherry, carrots, and spices. Add in rice, peas, onions and turkey, and mix well. Add in turkey and allow to simmer for 20 minutes before serving. Enjoy hot with plenty of cranberry sauce.

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